The Advantages of an Aqua Bath

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Aqua Bath

The Care series and Healthcare series of Aqua Bath bathtubs feature a limited ten-year warranty. They are installed over a finished floor and are available in left-hand and right-hand models. The care series features bold decorative features and different finishes. If you are considering an Aqua Bath for your bathroom, you might want to read this article first.

It can be installed on top of a finished floor

Aqua Bath’s Transfer Roll-In Shower Stall is made from a single sheet of Lucite(r) cast acrylic. Its seamless construction eliminates seams and joints for greater rigidity. This reduces potential pre-installation damage, which will save you money in maintenance costs. Its 60-inch wide x 36-inch deep, 3/4-inch-thick threshold unit is ADA-compliant and weighs 275 pounds.

It has different finishes and bold decorations

AQUA Bath offers a wide range of luxurious designs. The designs are inspired by classic styles and are available in a variety of chromatic and finish variations. Their geometric forms and refined geometry are complemented by the various finishes and bold decorations, which can be custom made to match the decor of a specific room.