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The famous Boca baths are yet another superior brand offering maximum quality, warranty and materials for both interior and the exterior of your walk-in bathtub. The company has an attractive and affordable price which offers a great price-vs-value ratio and claims to the fact that they don’t follow a same advertising model like other companies, but have the branding in a unique and recognizable way. But one thing that is very much in common to Boca Walk in Bath Tubs is Comfort Walk in Tubs, Comfort is almost aligned with Boca Baths when it comes to style and installation ease. The discounts we sometimes offer are sometimes the same for both of these types of tubs.

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Offering American made walk-in tubs, Boca has a full hydrotherapy set of options which is proven to be one of the best water systems for everyone. Mainly targeting the people with lack of mobility in order to feel bigger independence in bathing as well as an easy use of the integrated bathtub solution, Boca is known for a quality made material structure as well as a straightforward sales approach. With an accurate website showing a variety of materials, designs and exterior-interior made bathtubs, Boca is a famous synonym for quality and independence in bathing solutions.

The walk-in bathtubs made from Boca ensure the users big safety and are clearly identified as one of the best brands for manufacture of walk-in bathtubs selling quality throughout the entire area of the United States.

With an affordable price for a great value ration, the model that Boca adopts is certainly approachable by all classes and definitely integrated in terms of comparing the latest models, the type of materials within and the overall usage in the home. Also remember that 1 Call Bath Solutions is a great way to really discover more about these tubs you are interested in, just give us a call any time of day if you have more questions!

From smaller to bigger walk-in bathtubs, Boca’s expertise comes with personally crafted prices for any space of bathroom and claim to be verifiable and following the standards of the American Sanitary organizations. Certified and ready to be used, the walk-in tubs by Boca Baths are great for the older generations in order to make their bathing experience luxurious and modernized to the last bit.

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Hydrotherapy is certainly a system and a retreat for the older generations that apart from providing comfort, sets to see amazing improvements in the independence of the bathing solution. With jetted air and heated water, it offers amazing therapeutic effects and clearly identifies the brand name of Boca to be both accompanied by great water systems providing the most of the water and air options. With integrations and multiple add-ons, Boca creates a walk-in bathtub experience that can be tailored to your needs and very much important for certain mobility issues.

Manufactured in Atlanta and located in Holly Springs, Boca Bath sets its business apart from the competitors with unique tub design with the lowest entry and exit threshold in the walk-in bathtub industry.