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American tubs or most commonly tubs from American Standard are one of the best choices when looking for a tub that will provide you the greatest comfort and fill your expectations to the maximum. Using quality tools in your home is definitely a principle you have to have when looking for ever-lasting and beautiful materials designed in the American way. Therefore, American tubs are certainly a choice for any modern enthusiast.

Generally describing them, the American tubs come with sculpted features and will blend in your bathroom perfectly. The volume of the water in these tubs usually carries 50 gallons which is 190 liters. This is a number that provides you the most comfort and top-quality. The American tubs are mostly products of the innovative system called Americast, which is a trademark of the American Standard company. This trademark bonds a high quality enamel surface with high quality metal and molded reinforcement material backing. It is also lighter, more durable and definitely 100% safe. The long-lasting features and the amazing design always come as a plus to this American tubs innovation on the marketplace.


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With a non-slip surface that is designed to keep you safe into the tub, American tubs stand apart as a brand for the whole family. From children playing and enjoying it to modern parents looking for a comfort in an American tub, the design is really functional and designed to prove safety is American tubs’ first and most important value.

The other features of the American tubs usually focus on the different colors. With five colors to choose from: white, linen – beige, bone, arctic and black – you can always opt out to a majestic and striking shade. A similar walk in tub brand you could consider also is Aqua Tubs Walkin Baths, which are similar in style and price.

At last, American tubs are easy to clean because of the smooth finish and high quality materials they are designed from. With fantastic models and a large variety of other products to choose from, American Standard should definitely be your choice for any time you are looking at buying top-notch bathroom products for your home. After all, buying an expensive but durable item coming with a long guarantee is definitely better than dealing with issues from lack of quality – or bathing in less comfort than you should be accompanied with.


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So, if you are undergoing a renovation or building a new house, you should definitely opt in for an American tub in your bathroom, or in other words – the most you can get from high-quality and an impeccable design – in the American way. For discounts and specials, be sure to call us now, we’re open 24/7.