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Premier Care Bathing walk in tubs are aimed at families with big budget. Although Premier is not one of the most attractive, popular and proven brands in the industry, the prices on Premier Care Bathing tubs are always too much high, which in many cases makes the customers feel like they bought a piece of value which is different from the price. You can always check out our Private Label walk in bath tubs if you are interested in a variety of safety tubs.

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As every other, Premier Care Bathing manufactures walk in bath tubs for senior citizens, elderly and ones with disabilities, chronic pain issues etc. Apart from the mobility issues, everyone using a Premier Care Bathing bath tub can enjoy the endless benefits of the tub itself. Moreover, its power along the power of hydrotherapy will make everyone sure that retreat with a walk in tub is definitely possible.

From purchase to installing and beyond, Premier Care Bathing does it all – obviously, at a reasonably big price. Offering easy bathe walk-in bathtub as their original model which is simply designed and easy to use, Premier Care focuses on simplicity yet effectiveness. With a simple door opening up and great for low and easy access to the bath, the simple and Easy Bathe Walk-In Bathtub by Premier Care Bathing is surely compact and safe for any person to deal with. The other add-ons included in the easy bathtub by Premier include easy entering, wide door, safety handles, comfort in a sleep resistant seat as well as backrest – and many more!

On the other side, there is a collection of Classic Walk-in Bathtubs that Premier Care Bathing offers. These ones help soothing your body in water which is twice as deep as a standard tub. contoured and made to be slip resistant, the classic bathtubs also come with a shower wand which can be personalized in size.

At last, the third variety of bath tubs made by Premier Care Bathing are the powered walk-in tubs which allow a full length and safe bathing with a exclusive power lift chair. Considerably great coming at a big price, these bath tubs make an easy and relaxing bath assisting in many ways possible.

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Finally, Premier Care Bathing is definitely a brand which targets many audiences and many different patients. From the easy to the classic and the powered, the walk in bath tubs by Premier surely come with a big price – but at least, they are reasonably priced since each one of them comes for a specific reason or simply a mobility issue in this case.