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Custom Care is a brand that designs premium quality bath tubs with a great deal of features and used by not only senior generations, but also toddlers and little kids. In fact, the brand is mainly oriented on giving kids an advantage and creating a bathing experience for two – the parent and the toddler or a newborn baby – maximizing the emotions within the interaction while bathing and giving premium quality.

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However, Custom Care does not fail to deliver a great variety of walk-in tubs for the seniors as well and builds them at a glance – making the independence of seniors the biggest issue that is made easy. Their biggest competitor is actually Ella’s Walk in Bath Tubs, otherwise known as Ella’s Bubbles.

The design of Custom Care is sleek and offers amazing flexibility – so that any buyer can adapt and modernize the bathing experience.

Suitable not only for seniors, but also young families, Custom Care creates a 3 stage process for the babies – from newborn to baby to toddler. Coming with amazing modular bathing features which makes the Custom Care walk-in bath tubs the first modular bathing tubs, comfort is always a part of bathing, while enjoying the nurturing and relaxing experience with this brand.

Providing optimal back and head support, the Custom Care walk-in tubs encourage an emotional connection during the bath time and make the integrity a key and most essential feature in the process. Keeping quality in every part of the interior and exterior, Custom Care focuses definitely on care as their main advantage.

With a deep ergonomic design and physical closeness, Custom Care creates bonding moments for toddlers and babies and revolutionizes the experience on the slippery one with a new approach that gives a reclined infant support feature. With custom support and comfort at every stage, the Custom Care walk in bath tubs usually come with a storage bag, two action cup towel grips, rinse cps, soap dispenser caddy and many more extensions.

The design of Custom Care is modern and really great for a bathing experience. Whether it is nursery or your own home, Custom Care tailors the bathing solutions to yours and the needs of your space. The variety of specimens is really big and the staff is considered as helpful, which adds up to a 5 star experience for the brand.

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So if you are looking for a custom walk-in bath tub for your local bathroom area or your nursery home, you should definitely consider Custom Care – since it is a reliable and strictly customer oriented brand delivering quality in bath products.