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Safe T Spa is a company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Although it is not so popular, the company strives to deliver the values below in the best way possible – producing bath tubs with amazing quality at an affordable price. For those that are looking for a better tub and price in general though, we recommend Safe Step Walk in Bath Tubs, they are these most superior walk-in we’ve come across to date, you can also see some of the quick SafeStep Walk-in video on youtube, very basic but very profound!

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But don’t let that stir you away from Safe T Spa as they are a great brand as well, many people are very happy with their product:

  • Item Quality & Durability – including elements and choices accessible
  • Safety and convenience (section and way out, utilization of snatch bars, non-slip surfaces, and so on.)
  • Item Selection (assortment of tub sizes & plans accessible)
  • Client Service & Product Knowledge
  • Capacity to alter items – Freedom to pick & pick required alternatives (and capacity to leave off superfluous components)
  • Guarantee Coverages (length of guarantees and what is secured)
  • Establishment & Service
  • Organization Reputation, Reviews, and Ratings (gathered by inside and out examination, client criticism, & discussions)
  • Experience & Customer Care


Everything we can include in this review is – don’t settle! You should not to go for extensive tubs made of low quality materials that attempt to draw you in with extravagant additional items that are there trading off the genuine workmanship of the tub -don’t go at the high cost label seeking you are paying after a walk in tub that appears to offer you the best as so a large portion of us have it in our heads that on the off chance that it “costs THAT much, it must be great” -as Safe T Spa Walk in Bath Tubs can give you high caliber, solid, agreeable, sensibly evaluated walk in tub WITH client administration to back you up if you ever have a need or an inquiry.

The Safe T Spa bath tubs are made here in the U.S.A. Furthermore, they delivered on a basis where the client wants to have them. In any other scenario, calling a merchant and asking them who will deliver your tub if you buy one with them, ask them who will introduce your tub, for a walk-in tub does not go in like a standard tub and in the event that they don’t offer an ensured installer who can guarantee that your tubs entryways adjust and water does not hole out, then you could purchase a tub that a non-guaranteed installer can harm and that is not secured under any of the tub producers guarantees and you may wind up paying for a substitution tub or high dollar parts on the off chance that you purchased a high dollar tub.

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Try not to let the numerous sites trick you into intuition a walk-in tub is a simple purchase, it is something you ought to research for yourself or somebody you want to guarantee years of an open to bathing background. Try Safe T Spa bath tubs and see value in its real light!