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Walk-in bathtubs are designed for individuals with limited mobility or ones who aim for a spa-like experience but have limit in their bathroom space. Coming with a slip-resistant floor, a built-in seat and grab bars as well as a hand-held shower, the walk-in bathtubs provide the comfort and quality everyone is searching for in a bathtub. The senior citizens are most likely a target group of such walk-in bathtubs, and Best Buy is surely amongst the great competitors out there.


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Best Buy is a family owned walk-in tub company which is based in Texas. From 2006, when it was founded, it has offered the marketplace a variety of 5 models of American made walk-in tubs. Coming in with a slightly shorter seat at 16 inches but with impeccable design, quality and workmanship, Best Buy today is a symbol of quality.

Additionally, the Best Buy walk-in tubs come with additional add-ons including a battery powered bath lifter as well as a wheel chair ramp for the ones who need it. Installing in Texas and Oklahoma, Best Buy has an amazing service with a team of installers doing great work every time.

With a step-in height of 5,5”, Best Buy has an average yet comforting step-in height which works well for most of the people. The materials from Best Buy also come with a lifetime coverage on the door and the seal. Speaking of the components, here, the warranty is 10 years on the select components, just like Bentley walk-in tubs these are amazing and beneficial for all who use them.

Also, when selecting from the models that Best Buy offers, you can choose an equipped air and water jets as a solution as well as an in-line heater to maintain the water temperature. These options are always the best way to have control over your Best Buy walk-in tub and enjoy its comfort at the maximum.

The service of Best Buy comes with an allowance of self-installation of their tubs, and proves to have a great customer service for every current or potential customer. Utilizing quality, performance, gel-coated, marine-grade and fiberglass materials, the Best Buy walk-in tubs sit in a sturdy steel frame.


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So, if you are wondering or choosing a walk-in bath tub from a variety of brands and models, you should always know that with Best Buy, you will have great quality of the materials and an amazing customer service on any issue you might have. That is simply the best advantage that Best Buy tubs offers over many brands, making it a great choice for any family or household.