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The Original is a not so famous company selling walk-in bath tubs, based in NY. This brand usually focuses a white, minimal, stride style in bathtubs with an adjusted front entryway, and discretionary adjusted shower connection. They are small so I would highly suggest looking into maybe the Theratub walk in bath tub instead if you want a bigger tub!

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The Original walk in bathtub is minor and resembles a barrel. The entryway is huge and opens outward. It even accompanies a shower covering in case you’re occupied with standing or have an accomplice that still likes to shower.

The Original’s Bathe walk in bathtub was intended to fit in even the littlest of bathrooms. It gauges just three square feet. The Original’s bathtubs has a discretionary shower shade. The entryway swings to the outside (extraordinary for moving inside the tub, however consumes up room in your bathroom). Chief Care put all the standard safety includes inside: non-slip floor and seat, safety get bars, hostile to burn tech, low stride in, and a truly wide entryway. Getting in and out of this bath tub by The Original is not going to be a test. In case you’re burning through cash on a walk in bathtub, you should get the fancy odds and ends. Similarly as with all The Original walk in tubs, its produced using fantastic materials and set up together the right way. Chief Care remains behind the bath tub by the Original -which means 100% for the first year, with a restricted guarantee past that. Generally speaking, the Original Bathtub presents us an incredible little walk in a bathtub, well manufactured, extremely safe, sensibly estimated (we think), and sturdy.

So, what’s Good About The Original Walk In Bath tub ?

  • Section of four to six inches in tallness
  • Seat meets the rules for tallness of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Entryway is fixed for water-tight bathing
  • Non-slip floor
  • Smaller three square foot body
  • Corner or back to a divider fitted-availability
  • Controllable water temperature
  • Planes for relieving the agony away
  • Hand-held shower head for simplicity of showering
  • Safety get bars

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While The Original’s bath tub walk in bathtub is small, it by one means or another figures out how to have a lot of space within. It’s not only for petite individuals. The Original as a brand always focuses on the normal walk in bathtub client and has a little space. This tub doesn’t have to supplant the standard tub. It has such an odd shape, you can put it anyplace without pulverizing the stream of a room. In this way, what we’re attempting to say is that the Original Easy Bathe was made for individuals who need a walk in bathtub and don’t have a huge amount of space.