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MediTub is a brand in bathtubs which offices are in New York. Founded in Miami by a company named Spa World, MediTub manufactures tubs for high end dealers and distributors. Working on that principle, MediTub encourages customers to call their offices directly and ask for dealers nearby their location.

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MediTub is a company which is not certified unlike many other walk-in bath tub manufacturers. However, there are many good reviews about the products sold by MediTub to the customers, including walk-in bath tubs with the usual features and the most famous one as well – Chromatherapy, Aromatherapy as well as the standard massaging jets. Manufacturing products which are in a way a combination between a shower and a walk-in bathtub, MediTub also focuses on sleek design – and even features red wood cabined in one of their designs.

Apart from being called MediTub, this company is also known as Spa World, Sanctuary Tabs, First Choice Bathing, Step in Tub Depot and others. While this is a reason to concern every customer due to the lack of responsibility to hold every one of the products at a single name, MediTub works pretty well and sells amazingly well.

It is rumored that MediTub uses Chinese companies for slave labor in order to manufacture the tabs and then resell them to Americans for a fortune, and afterwards claiming that they were made in America. However, no one has confirmed these details and credibility of this revew. But one thing is important here – companies operating with many names should not be trusted, at least until they get in touch with you and clear every detail regarding their expertise. So if this scares you off from this brands walk-in-tub then I’d say Mobility Baths Walk in Tubs are similar to the MediTub and you can feel safe knowing you are buying from sustainable and fair business practices.

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Taking the aestetic element seriously and showing the world that Meditubs walk-in-bath tubs can be also designer-centric, MediTub creates difference in the competition. Making their product stand by themselves and blend in amazingly well in any part of any bathroom’s decor, MediTub’s walk in tubs look like they are millions of worth. And as long as they are working well, the reality is – who cares? Getting a magnificent design that will make your bathroom one of your favorite places on Earth is definitely an option. The well constructed materials, on the other hand, has made MediTub to be certified by safety organizations and easy to be cleaned. Now, what can you ask more in a walk-in bath tub?