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Ella’s Bubbles is a brand and a national OEM manufacturer and distributor for walk-in tubs. The company is based in Chicago and offers a variety of walk-in bath tubs to choose from. Whether you look for a small walk-in tub or an over-sized walk-in bathtub, Ella’s Bubbles always has something to suit your unique needs.

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Carrying an extensive line of walk-in bathtubs to choose from, Ella’s Bubbles creates walk-in bathtubs made of acrylic or fiberglass to choose from. Visiting the Ella’s Bubbles website will certainly be of your asset in order to find a dealer near you, especially if you are living in a specific area, as the brand on its own is not a retailer, yet manufacturer of walk-in bath tubs.

As Ella’s Bubbles website says, the craftsmanship of top quality products is their first advantage. But it is more than that, since the company cares for development, production and distribution mainly in North America. Founded in 2005 but dedicated to the best bathtub experience ever since, this company also offers personalized customer support as a part of their expertise. Being fast in effective solutions, Ella’s Bubbles are definitely a great choice for any family or senior considering walk-in bathtubs for the maximum comfort.

Except the famous walk in bathtubs, Ella’s Bubbles designs accessible showers and acrylic wall liners as a part of their production process. Promoting elegance and independence through a nice design, this company innovates safety solution and has quickly become famous with the consistency and reliability being their top values.

As we said earlier, personalized customer support is definitely a part of Ella’s Bubbles – in their professional customer service, they never fail to deliver results and provide every customer elegant top-quality products and a peace of mind. Just remember that Envy Walk in Bath Tubs are highly recommended as well.

The fast draining of Ella’s Bubbles walk-in bath tubs is another great feature. The dual brass drain option allows drainage for an amazing 80 seconds which definitely sets it apart from many competitors. Accompanied with water sealing and the 2.5 inch step-in threshold, it is certain why this brand has fast-paced the production process and established itself as a top-quality brand offering premium products to many regions.

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Ella’s Bubbles is best for individuals with limited mobility – whether it is for seniors or obese individuals with difficulties in bathing and chronic pain, the solutions by Ella’s work amazingly well in any case scenario.