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Located in Arizona, Envy walk in bath tubs are a brand that imports a lower level products with amazing deals on online prices. Customers in the end always discover the lower priced products as ones from lowest quality and unfortunately, Envy baths do not have the best reviews, but at least it is accredited with the Better Business Bureau or BBB, a company using the highest quality materials.

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Envy has a warranty of 10 years on their walk-in tubs and limited on the door seal. As a matter of fact, Envy doesn’t take responsibility in the service, as all of the products are shipped to the US from China and other countries outside the United States. Although the company is located in Arizona and provides the marketplace in the US walk-in bath tubs at low prices, it is surely clear that the products are manufactured elsewhere.

Envy is considered to be slow in installation and specifically in resolving the problems if they occur. In their warranty policy, Envy mentions that it may take from 2 to 8 weeks for replacement parts to re-enter their stock ,which is again another factor that the products are imported from outside the US countries. Additionally, every customer with an issue shall pay a $25 fee for handling, which makes Envy a bad experience with a terrible warranty policy.

Apart from the cons, Envy’s advantages are definitely the chromo therapy feature that uses variable colors of light. Also, the doors come with a no leak door lock and a great sealing system providing a watertight seal and low threshold at entry. But for those that are looking for something a little bit more reliable if you are not looking for chromo therapy, then I’d suggest Jacuzzi walk in bath tubs. Yes! The one and only!

With eighteen different Envy walk in bath tub models to choose from, you can personalize the one most fitted to your space. Every one supporting the Air and Hydro therapy Jet System – is another reason of Envy’s performance. Other features include the safety grab bar and the mounted hand held shower with enough hose that you can comfortably sit while bathing, normally, a part of the walk-in bathtub systems. Also, the temperature control and touch pad control panel make performance easier, which is modernistic and a quality experience.

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All in all, if your budget is tight, Envy can come up with great solutions for walk-in tubs. The temperature control, inline heat system and no leak door lock are one of Envy’s best features – of course, apart from the really affordable and fair price that you get for any item. Reasonably well, right?