Selecting Custom Care Tubs

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Custom Care Tubs

If you have a baby or a toddler, Custom Care Tubs can offer a safe and comfortable bathing experience. This product features a modular system that adapts to your child’s growth. You can position the tub horizontally for newborns or upright for toddlers. The varying heights and depths will allow you to get the best comfort for both you and your child.


When selecting a custom care tub, consider the size and functionality of the tub, and the accessibility of the faucets and control panels. This is especially important for obese seniors, who may have difficulty reaching controls. They may also have balance and joint problems, so an average-sized tub may not be safe for them.

The tub you choose should also be accessible to people in wheelchairs. There are several options available to meet your needs. For example, a walk-in tub is suitable for seniors with limited mobility. Its low entry threshold will help minimize the risk of injuries. Other options include a wheelchair-accessible tub with a hinged door that swings outward. Several companies specialize in making tubs accessible to wheelchairs.


A bathtub can be customized to accommodate a wide range of needs, and the addition of add-ons can help make this possible. For instance, a headrest can help alleviate neck pain and fatigue. There are many styles to choose from, including functional foam or pillow-style headrests. Some manufacturers even offer waterfall headrests that can massage the neck.


Custom care tubs are available in a variety of sizes. The dimensions you need depend on your needs. For example, a large person may need a narrower tub than a small person. Likewise, a smaller person may need a larger tub to fit their needs. You should also pay attention to the seat size.

Ariel scored well in cost transparency; prices are easy to find online and at other retailers. However, some features are not readily visible online, such as the warranty. In addition, the cost of add-on therapies is not clearly stated. You’ll have to deduce how much they cost by comparing the basic tub models with upgraded ones.


There are a number of ways to determine the price of a custom care tub. The first step in determining the price of your tub is to find out how much the manufacturer charges for shipping. Some companies will ship for free, while others will charge a fee for returns. Many companies will charge a minimum of 10 percent of the purchase price to cancel your order.

You should also find out what the manufacturer’s warranty covers. A warranty that covers the tub for life is a valuable feature to look for. Some companies only cover parts for two years; others may only cover labor.