SafeStep Ice Melter

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One of the top premium ice melters on the market is Safe Step’s Mag Chloride 8300. Made from 100% magnesium chloride hexahydrate, this product is effective even in freezing temperatures. It is safe for concrete and vegetation. And, unlike most other ice melters, it doesn’t harm the surrounding area. In addition to melting ice in less than 30 minutes, Safe Step’s Mag Chloride 8300 is also environmentally friendly.

Low-entry threshold

The low-entry threshold for Safe Step walk-in tubs is a standard feature on all of the company’s models. These tubs are made with superior safety and therapeutic features to help the elderly stay in their homes. With the added feature of a built-in seat that supports 350 pounds, Safe Step walk-in tubs can make bathing a comfortable and safe experience. The Low-Entry Threshold feature makes it easy for anyone to enjoy the luxury of a bathtub without having to climb over the threshold.

The low-entry threshold for Safe Step walk-in tubs prevents people from falling when getting into the tub. The door openings are wide and low-entry to make the entire process easier for people with mobility issues. Safe Step walk-in tubs are also available with a low-entry threshold of four inches. This low-entry threshold helps the elderly and the disabled gain access to the tub with ease.

No-strength locking handle

When it comes to safety, there isn’t much that stands between a SafeStep and a No-Strength locking handle. The doors are airtight, which means less strain for older people and prevents water from penetrating the door. The pumps on the handle help clear water from the door as well, which is especially handy for older people with arthritis. A No-Strength locking handle is also a convenient addition.

Lifetime warranty

If you’re looking for a bath seat that offers the SafeStep Lifetime warranty, look no further. Safe Step has a wide range of products designed to fit within your existing tub imprint. You can even have your tub custom sized. Installation is also covered by this warranty. To get started, visit the Safe Step website to order your product. Safe Step offers a variety of financing options and customized financing plans.

The Safe Step Lifetime Warranty protects your investment. Safe Step manufactures both walk-in tubs and hybrid tubs with a shower option. They offer a lifetime warranty and free in-home consultations. Their bathtubs feature anti-scald technology and hydro-jets. Other features include heated seats and waterproof floating remote. A lifetime warranty also covers plumbing, electrical, and heating systems. However, you may need to replace your water heater if you decide to purchase a Safe Step bathtub.

Hybrid option

A hybrid Safe Step tub combines the benefits of a standard bath and the convenience of a walk-in shower. It has a low entry threshold, so it is not necessary to remove the existing shower or fill it up. This tub features all of the comfort and features of a regular bathtub, including a showerhead and an adjustable hand-held wand. These features make it a great option for seniors who prefer a shower instead of a bathtub.

In addition to product information, Safe Step’s website also includes customer testimonials. The website also encourages customers to call a sales representative or request a brochure for more information. Customers should be aware that a Safe Step tub uses more water than a traditional bathtub, so a water heating system upgrade may be necessary. All of these expenses must be accounted for when pricing is calculated. Safe Step does offer a financing option that will make the purchase easier and save the customer money.