Safe Bathing Solutions

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Safe Bathing Solutions

When it comes to safety in the bathroom, there are many different Safe Bathing Solutions to choose from. Some of these include Walk-in tubs, Zero-entry showers, Fitted power seats, and stainless steel frames. Here are some of the options to consider for your home:

Walk-in tubs

Safe bathing solutions with walk-in bathtubs are an important part of maintaining independence and quality of life. While many older adults don’t have a lot of money to spend on their new bathing solution, they can still take advantage of the many features that these bathing solutions offer. The first step in getting the best walk-in tub for you is determining your needs and budget. For most seniors, a simple walk-in bathtub can improve their quality of life and reduce the stress of daily activities.

Zero-entry showers

There are several advantages to a zero-entry shower. The low threshold helps prevent minor puddles from spreading and the wet-room design slopes the floor towards the shower. The zero-entry shower can be installed using basic DIY tools or it can be hired to a professional handyman for around PS200. It’s important to check the safety features of zero-entry showers before you make your decision.

Fitted power seat

A fitted power seat is a fantastic safety solution for those with limited mobility. A fitted power seat gently lowers you into the water, giving you the peace of mind that you’re not tipping over. These bathing aids can come in different styles, from those that are fixed to those that can be removed and easily moved to accommodate the needs of more mobile household members. Listed below are a few of the benefits of fitted power seats for safe bathing.

Stainless steel frame

Stainless steel is the primary metal used in construction. It’s corrosion-resistant and strong in all wet environments, including salty ones. However, chlorine can eat away at its protective oxide layer, leaving it prone to oxidation. This is why stainless steel is often used for safe bathing solutions. Its durable construction makes it a good choice for use in areas where strength is needed. The resulting bath is both aesthetically pleasing and safe.


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