Rane Tubs – Bathing Systems For Bariatric Patients

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Rane Tubs

The benefits of Rane Tubs are numerous. Specifically designed for bariatric patients, they provide spa-like comfort and ease of installation. The manufacturer offers a wide range of warranties. Rane is also a member of the Better Business Bureau and the American Case Management Association. Rane also provides a number of bathing systems for healthcare facilities that combine style, ease of use, and low cost of ownership. Various options include thermostatic mixing valves, an easy-access control panel, built-in disinfection system, and a tilting function.

Rane Tubs are designed for bariatric patients

The Rane Bathing Systems for bariatric patients combine style, ease of use, and low cost of ownership. The system features a thermostatic mixing valve, easy access control panel, and built-in disinfection system. Some models also have a tilting function. This product is perfect for bariatric patients and is also designed for the disabled. Read on for more information about the Rane Bathing Systems for bariatric patients.

The Rane Mediterranean Walk-In Bathtub is a great option for bariatric patients, allowing for a comfortable and safe bathing experience. It measures 33.5″ x 60″ with a 28″ wide seat. The Mediterranean’s ergonomic design, inspired by the work of therapists over the past 30 years, ensures ease of use for everyone in the family. This tub can be customized for a wide range of heights, including an optional removable access panel to accommodate taller or larger users.

They provide a spa-like bathing experience

If you are looking to give your elderly loved one the ultimate in comfort, luxury, and safety while bathing, Rane Tubs are an excellent choice. Rane Tubs are designed to look like a luxurious spa, and their ADA compliant features make bathing an enjoyable experience for everyone. Rane accessible tubs are also available with music, art, lighting, and hotel-style folded towels.

Made in the USA, Rane Bathing Systems are the most durable walk-in tubs available. All tubs are factory-tested and assembled to ensure quality and performance. They also come with a five-year limited warranty on parts and external finishes. The tub door seal is also guaranteed for life. The Rane walk-in tub is ideal for the disabled. These tubs also offer adjustable seats to make bathing easier and safer.

They are easy to install

Rane Tubs are designed to be incredibly easy to install, so they are the perfect choice for those with limited bathroom space. These bathing solutions are designed with safety in mind and feature a low entry threshold. The tubs feature non-slip flooring and grab bars on slippery surfaces to ensure a safe bathing experience for everyone. Additionally, the tubs feature an antimicrobial coating to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

If you have limited space or the time to hire a professional, Rane tubs are an excellent option. These tubs come with many safety features that help make them an excellent choice for people with limited mobility. Rane also has a professional healthcare series for those who want a walk-in tub that is specifically designed for these settings. Installation is usually not complicated, but it may cost you around $1,000 to install.

They have longer warranties

Although many walk-in tubs are built to last for years, you may be wondering how long the warranty on a Rane tub is. It’s actually not that long compared to some other companies’ products, but this may be a factor you want to consider before buying. There are a variety of reasons why a walk-in tub should last for years. Rane tubs also come with several additional benefits.

One of the benefits of a Rane walk-in tub is the door. Rane Bathing and Accessibility’s exclusive KeyLock(tm) design is unrivaled in the industry. Founded by a pioneer in the Walk-in tub industry, Rane has been the preferred choice of many health care facilities. Unlike other walk-in tub brands, Rane’s door is designed to create a tight seal, eliminating the risk of water leakage.