Four Benefits of a Safe T Spa

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Safe T Spa

If you’ve been considering adding a Safe T Spa to your home, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide you with information on the Safe-T-Rail, Rail/Stand, Slide-Under-the-Spa, and Installation. There are many benefits to choosing a Safe T Spa. And since you’re about to invest in a new spa, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best one for your needs.


While many spa accessories are great for the spa environment, most are not as useful as the Safe-T-Rail. Spa users can slip and fall when the combination of water and slippery surfaces is present. This innovative product, developed by Leisure Concepts, provides a safe, convenient and secure way to access the spa. It also offers more upside potential for sales than other spa accessories. Here are four of the most important benefits of Safe-T-Rail.

First, it mounts securely to the side of virtually any above-ground spa. Once installed, the rail swivels for reliable support when entering and exiting the spa. Second, it is lightweight, which makes it easy to move around. It also prevents injuries from falling in the spa. In addition, the rail is easy to clean and sanitize. The rails are easy to assemble, and they’re available in a variety of sizes to fit almost any spa.


If you’re looking for a simple spa safety rail that attaches to your hot tub, look no further than the Safe T Spa Rail/Stand. This sturdy, rust-free aluminum stand features a slip-free black foam grip and two heavy-duty plastic mounting brackets. These accessories slide easily under your spa for a convenient and safe installation. They are made with the highest-quality materials available, and they’ll add a touch of luxury to your spa.

The rail’s pivoting design enables you to easily enter and exit your spa. And it features a built-in slide-under-the-spa stand, so you don’t need to drill into the hot tub’s exterior. With a rail this safe, you can relax in peace, knowing that you and your family are safe. You’ll also appreciate the safety factor and can’t believe how easy this rail is to install.


Whether you’re installing a slide-under-the-spa system for a new hot tub or adding a handrail to your existing system, you’ll want to choose one with a quality handrail. A handrail that pivots to clear the top of your spa allows you to easily get in and out of the tub, and one that has a built-in stand is ideal for displaying hot tub accessories. Both styles of hand rail are available in rust-free powder-coated aluminum and polished stainless steel.

If you’re looking for a spa safety rail that includes a built-in slide-under stand, look no further than Leisure Concepts’ Slide-Under-the-SpA. This spa accessory has a higher potential for sales than any other spa accessory. This unit is made from black powdered aluminum and includes rubber grips for easy installation. The SpaSafer-Rail system fits up to eight-foot spas and requires about 18 inches of clearance. It features gas shock assisted lifting arms and fits over any standard spa.


Before you install your Safe T spa, it is important to read the manual and check that everything is in place. A combination of slippery surfaces and water can cause accidents. The safest way to install your spa is to avoid these risks by installing a safe-t-rail. You can purchase a Safe T Spa kit from a local spa retailer, but it is not necessary. You can always ask a local contractor or structural engineer for help.

The Safe-T-Rail is a great accessory for any spa because it prevents accidents in the hot tub. It is made of rust-free aluminum or polished stainless steel, and comes with a black foam hand grip. It installs quickly and easily with just 16 screws. The rail is also easy to clean. The Safe-T-Rail is ideal for anyone who does not like to worry about getting their hands dirty while using a hot tub.