What Makes Safe Guard Tubs So Special?

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Safe Guard Tubs

A patent-pending rotating jet system and elegant design are key components of Safe Guard Tubs. These tubs provide a range of health benefits, including pain reduction and muscle-relaxation. These bathtubs are also part of a comprehensive hydrotherapy system that can benefit patients with many health conditions. Diabetes, back pain, arthritis, and muscle cramps are among the many conditions treated with these tubs. Read on to learn more about Safe Guard Tubs and what makes them such a great choice.

Safeguard Tubs

The company is known for their television advertisements pitching walk-in tubs for upwards of $10,000. The company has also been linked to several claims of fraud. Employees of Safeguard say the company’s Richmond facility had 200 low-wage workers and a phone bank, making six hundred cold calls a day. Investigators have removed evidence from the company’s Richmond location, and the Contractor State License Board is investigating. Safeguard tubs are sold throughout California, from Los Angeles to Orange County.


A walk-in tub with chromatherapy features lights that illuminate the water. Chromo 5 LED light pads project varying color spectrums into the tub and foot well. As the tub rotates through the spectrum, each color fills the tub for a brief period of time and then transitions to the next color. According to chromatherapy therapies, the different colors have different vibrations, so soaking in the water with the right colors can help alleviate physical and mental strain.

Hydrotherapy jets

Water jets, also known as hydrotherapy jets, are the most common type of water therapy feature. They are powered by a whisper-quiet electric water pump that draws water from the bottom of the tub and circulates it through the jets. They also contain a separate stainless steel in-line heater that draws approximately 13.5 amps. Some manufacturers try to minimize the amount of heat generated by this water pump, but the jets should be placed just so to offer the best experience.


Whether you need a walk-in bathtub for a disabled family member or a luxury hot tub for yourself, a Safeguard tub can make the experience more comfortable for you. Safeguard tubs are known for their stylish design, elegant feel and intuitive functionality. A patent-pending rotating jet system and a hydrotherapy system offer a variety of benefits. Safeguard tubs are particularly helpful for people with arthritis, diabetes, back pain and muscle cramps.


If you are considering purchasing and installing a new bathtub for your home, you should first understand the benefits of a Safeguard Tub. A Safeguard Tub is an elegant, intuitive accommodation for people with physical challenges. Its patent-pending rotating jet system and hydrotherapy system provide a range of benefits, including relief from arthritis, back pain, and muscle cramps. In addition, you should know that Safeguard Tubs can be installed by a handyman.