What Is a Jacuzzi?

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Jacuzzi is a brand of hot tub, spa and sauna manufactured by the Jacuzzi Brands LLC. It was created in 1978 and is a federally registered trademark of Jacuzzi Inc. The company also manufactures aircraft and hot tubs. The Jacuzzi name has become synonymous with relaxation, rejuvenation and spa treatments. If you are considering purchasing a Jacuzzi, read on to find out more. In addition to hot tubs and saunas, Jacuzzi also makes branded baths, pools, spas, saunas, and aircraft.

Hot tubs

There are several differences between Jacuzzi hot tubs and other popular brands of hot tubs. While Jacuzzi is the most popular brand, other brands also produce high-quality hot tubs with similar advanced features. Although Jacuzzi hot tubs are not always the cheapest option, many models have additional features, such as built-in MP3 players and flat-screen TVs. You can also find American-made hot tubs from Aqua Living, which offer several different options for every budget.

The J-300 Collection features ergonomic seating, adjustable headrests, and an advanced control panel. The J-LX Collection is more minimalist with flat top rails and engineering that exceeds energy efficiency standards. The J-200 Collection features seven different styles for budget-conscious buyers. The models in this collection include a two-stage water filtration system, multicolored lighting, and cup holders. They are perfect for families who want to spend some quality time together.

Whirlpool baths

The benefits of whirlpool baths are numerous. Not only can they help relax sore muscles, they can also improve blood circulation. The massaging jets also help the body receive more oxygen. People with poor blood circulation will find increased blood circulation to be beneficial. In addition to this, people who suffer from sports injuries will experience improved mobility and joint stiffness. The whirlpool bath also promotes general fitness, as it warms and stretches muscles.

Although whirlpool baths may be easier to clean, they do require more frequent maintenance. This is due to the way the water is recycled through the system. The constant recirculating of dirty water can lead to bacteria and mildew growth. Manufacturers are working to counter this issue by using antimicrobial pipes. To maintain whirlpool baths, homeowners should incorporate routine cleaning schedules, purge cycles, and jet maintenance.


The term “Jacuzzi” is often used to describe a hot tub, although the name actually refers to spas. The word’spa’ derives from the 17th-century Belgian town of Spa, known for its healing mineral springs. The word “Jacuzzi” refers to a type of hot tub that consists of water with jets. While the word “Jacuzzi” is now synonymous with all types of hot tubs, the word’spa’ isn’t really used in this context.

The brand name “Jacuzzi” has become synonymous with the bath. The company, founded in 1915 by Giocondo and Candido Jacuzzi, began by modifying an agricultural pump for use in irrigation. The pump was originally intended to help cure the founder’s son from rheumatoid arthritis. The company eventually began marketing the pump as a standalone attachment. In 1968, Jacuzzi introduced the first integrated jet tub and revolutionized the spa industry.

Swim spas

The first thing to remember when purchasing a swim spa or Jacuzzi is the importance of safety. While the water in a swimming pool is relatively clean, a swim spa requires chemical treatment and electrical components. You can customize the look of your swim spa by choosing a cover and steps. In addition, you can choose from various colors for the internal shell and external cabinet. Some swim spas even have wood siding.

Both hot tubs and swim spas share many features. These include ergonomic seats, hydrotherapy jets, Bluetooth technology, and high-quality materials. Swim spas are designed for everyday athletes, but have larger tank areas and more powerful jetting systems. A powerful jet is built into the end of the swim spa to provide a workout as well. Jacuzzis and swim spas can be used separately or in combination.