Safe Guard Tubs

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Safe Guard Tubs

Safe Guard Tubs have patented rotating jet systems and are designed to benefit the entire body. They are extremely effective for relieving back pain, muscle cramps, and arthritis. They are also built to last and come with a warranty. If you’re looking to purchase a tub for your bathroom, you’ll want to consider these tubs.

Safeguard Tubs

Safeguard Tubs is a company that markets walk-in tubs. These tubs can cost upwards of $10,000. The company’s products are backed by a 5-year warranty and feature an easy-to-clean gel-coating finish. They’re also resistant to stains. The tubs’ structural thickness also helps them insulate and maintain a constant temperature, which conserves energy.

The company’s tubs are available in several designs, including step-in tubs and wheelchair-accessible tubs. This line of tubs is especially geared towards seniors and people with limited mobility.

Safety features

Safe Guard tubs are designed with multiple safety features to help prevent falls in the tub. The tub safety rails are height adjustable, feature a rust-proof plastic body, and can be easily installed. The rails also feature ergonomic handles to ensure a secure grip. The rails are available in three different heights.

Walk-in tubs with integrated safety features include built-in grab bars, ergonomic handles, and anti-slip seats. Other features include low step-ins, which reduce the risk of slipping and falling.


Safeguard Tubs, a line of walk-in bathtubs, can be expensive. The company advertises on TV and costs as much as $10,000. However, some people are suspicious of its marketing practices. In one investigation, the company was linked to several allegations of fraud. The company employs as many as 150 people and is associated with a number of false advertisements.

Prices vary depending on the size, style and features of each tub. Most tubs can cost between $2,500 and $8,500, with custom designs costing between $15,000 and $20,000. The manufacturer does not list prices on its website, so it’s important to get a quote for each model. However, some models are available at lower prices or with upgrades that can increase their value.

Bariatric walk-in tubs

If you’re an aging senior citizen or care for elderly parents, you may want to consider a bariatric walk-in tub. Unlike traditional walk-in tubs, these units are large and wheelchair accessible. A bariatric tub has extra-wide entryways and an extra-deep seat to accommodate larger adults.

The Safe Guard Bariatric walk-in bathtub offers a wide variety of features. For example, it has a reversible end panel that you can use as a seat, or you can install an extension panel kit to accommodate a 60-inch area. In addition, the tub features a limited lifetime warranty and free replacement parts for as long as you own the tub. A bariatric walk-in tub may also come with an integrated hydrotherapy massage system.


Ownership of Safe Guard Tubs comes with a number of benefits. One of those is the warranty. These tubs offer a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. Additionally, they come with a modest $99 shipping charge. However, the company’s return policy isn’t ideal. It can charge up to 75 percent of the tub’s price if you don’t like it.

Many companies offer a limited lifetime warranty, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing. Some companies only cover parts for life and don’t cover labor costs. Other companies cover parts for a year but not labor. This means that you should always read the fine print to make sure the warranty is truly lifetime.