Rane Tubs

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Rane Tubs

Rane Tubs combine style with ease of use to create the perfect bathing experience for your patients. These tubs are available with a variety of options, including a built-in disinfection system and thermostatic mixing valve. In addition, they offer an easy-to-use control panel and tilting function.

CleanRane(tm) Air Spa System

The CleanRane(tm) Air Bath System is a therapeutic bathing system that helps the body relax and regenerate while stimulating the circulatory system. The system also helps to relieve joint and muscle pain by gently washing away germs and dirt. It also makes the bathing experience feel more like a spa.

Anti-scald mixing valve

When you are choosing an anti-scald mixing valve for your Rane tub, you should make sure you understand what it is for and why you need it. These devices reduce the amount of pressure that water passes through them. Friction loss is one reason that water pressure is reduced in this way, and marginal water systems cannot be without a mixing valve. The valve should be installed after the water heater and the cold side check valve, as well as an in-line screen and an expansion tank.

Lifetime warranty

Rane bathtubs have excellent designs that are built for comfort and durability. These tubs offer a wide range of features, including air jets and whirlpools, for added bathing pleasure. Rane tubs also feature an inward or outward swinging door for ease of access and roomier seating. A limited lifetime warranty is also available on these tubs.

RC2 Pacific

The Rane Tubs RC2 Pacific is one of the most popular walk-in tub models on the market. It features a low threshold, a large, inward swinging door, and a comfortable, contoured seat. It measures 29 inches wide by 50 inches long, and comes with a full range of standard features.


Supreme Rane Tubs are made from the highest quality materials. Each tub has a true marine-grade fiberglass gel coat and aircraft-grade aluminum frames. They also come with an extensive list of optional luxury features, including wheelchair access.

RR7-II Atlantic

The Rane Tubs RR7-I II Atlantic features a large, luxurious bathtub and the optional features you need to enjoy your spa experience. This tub offers a comfortable, healthy bath with a low cost of ownership. It has an anti-scald mixing valve and is available in either a right or left swing-up door.