Premier Care Bathing

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Premier Care Bathing

Premier Care Bathing offers a variety of therapeutic bathtubs. The company also offers financing plans with partner banks. The company has an innovative new walk-in tub as well. The company has been designing accessible bathrooms for more than 30 years. Its mission is to make bathing easier for all people, regardless of age or physical challenges.

Premier Care Bathing is a top innovator

The Premier Care Bathing brand specializes in high-quality walk-in bathtubs, showers, and other products for individuals with physical limitations. Its products are customizable, stylish, and safe. Many of its products have even been commended by the Arthritis Foundation. The company is a leading innovator in bathing solutions for seniors, and its innovative solutions help people stay independent and safe while bathing.

The company is based in Lexington, North Carolina. Their bathtubs and accessories are manufactured in a 75,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. Among their many innovations, they offer an extensive line of walk-in bathtubs, ADA-compliant sinks, and commodes. The Premier Care Blue Spring walk-in bathtub is one of a kind, and offers mobility-challenged individuals the independence and safety they need to bathe comfortably.

It offers therapeutic tubs

Premier Care in Bathing was founded over 30 years ago as a family business. The company has a commitment to accessibility and comfort. Its designs include easy-access bathrooms and therapeutic tubs. Its products help those who live with disabilities live fuller lives. They are also affordable, easy to maintain, and highly customizable.

Therapeutic tubs can help you enjoy a luxurious bath, without the cost or hassle of a home aide. These tubs provide weightless, gentle massage. A hydrotherapy bathtub is a great option if you have mobility problems. Some models are even customizable, and have been commended by the Arthritis Foundation. Premier Care in Bathing is a market leader in providing safe, affordable bathing solutions for those with physical challenges.

It offers financing plans through partner banks

If you’re concerned about the cost of installing a new bathroom, you can take advantage of Premier Care Bathing’s financing plans. Through their partnerships with partner banks, you can pay monthly installments as low as $150 on a new bathroom. Plus, you can enjoy the added benefit of having someone oversee the entire process.

It offers a new walk-in tub

Premier Care Bathing offers a new walk in tub that’s easy to use and stylish. This tub is customizable and has features like an adjustable shower head and a shower canopy. It also has a comfortable backrest and a compact size. It also offers therapeutic features such as chromotherapy and air and water massage.

This tub is a luxury item, and is aimed at senior citizens and people with limited mobility. Although this type of tub is not a budget-friendly option, it may be the best option for families that have a high budget. However, it may be hard to convince a patient to purchase it given the price. Instead, a better option would be to go with a Private Label walk-in tub, which are more affordable.