Mobility Baths For the Elderly and Disabled

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Mobility Baths are designed to provide bathing facilities for those with limited mobility. These baths are available as walk-in, easy-access and power assisted baths. They also come in alcove or recessed styles. The first step is to contact a bath company, who will visit your home and survey the space to help you decide what type of bath will best fit your needs. Once you have contacted a bath company, you will be given a quote, which will include advice on plumbing, tiling, building, electrical and building work. Special pumps may be required for better water pressure and faster draining.

Walk-in baths

There are many different kinds of walk-in baths available for sale. If you’re considering installing one in your home, you’ll need to consider a few different factors. First, you’ll want to consider the cost of installation. Many walk-in tubs require major renovations to your bathroom, including new plumbing and reconfiguring the layout. Also, some older homes may not be able to accommodate walk-in tubs because the plumbing system is not up to date. Additionally, many of these bathtubs will require electrical work, so you’ll need to get help from a contractor with some experience in remodeling bathrooms.

Another factor to consider is the warranty. Some walk-in tubs come with a lifetime warranty, which is great news for homeowners. However, some warranties cover only the tub itself, while others cover the door seal and tub components. Therefore, it’s important to read the fine print carefully before signing up for a warranty.

Easy access baths

If you have a loved one with limited mobility, you may want to consider an easy access bath for them. These baths have specially designed doors that open downward and are wide enough for the bather to sit comfortably. They feature dual drains and a slip-resistant base. They can also be fitted with an optional hydrotherapy system.

Another advantage of these baths is that they are very luxurious. For instance, you can get the 12-jet AirSpa model, which is available with coloured underwater lights and dual waste drains.

Power assisted baths

Power assisted mobility baths help the elderly or disabled get into and out of the bath. These baths are easy to use and are ideal for people with limited mobility. The adjustable seat and head rest support the user’s body weight. This product is particularly useful for elderly people with neurological conditions. They also make it easier for caregivers to perform hygiene tasks.

A variety of models are available. A fixed-height model is available for a user with limited mobility, and an adjustable one provides for easy mobility and balance. Some baths even come with space beneath the seat for a mobile hoist.

Recessed or alcove baths

Whether you’re looking for a small, recessed tub or a larger, freestanding tub, a recessed or alcove bath is a great choice for your needs. Both designs have built-in ledges, making them easy to store items. But be aware that alcove tubs do not have the flexibility of a freestanding tub. Unless you have a large bathroom, an alcove tub may not fit.

Depending on the size of your space, a recessed or alcove tub can be quite deep. However, the depth and low sides make them safer for young children and the mobility impaired. These tubs can also be made ADA-compliant by adding handrails and a slip-resistant coating.

Deep soaker walk-in baths

A walk-in tub has several advantages over a standard bathtub. One of these advantages is the low threshold, which makes it easier for mobility-impaired people to get in and out. However, a walk-in tub has its disadvantages as well. The water can run too hot or too cold, and this can pose a safety and body temperature risk. Some models have fast-fill and drain technologies, which can help prevent the bather from getting too cold.

The American Standard line of walk-in bathtubs features a range of safety and luxury options. They are available in a variety of door configurations, and some feature hydrotherapy features such as whirlpools or air bath features. These options can give the bathing experience a luxurious spa-like feel. You can also choose from chromatherapy options, which use underwater LED lights to enhance the water’s soothing effects.