Meditub Walk-In Bathtubs

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Meditub walk-in units offer many of the basic features of a traditional bathtub. They come with ADA-compliant features and are large enough to accommodate a wheelchair. They feature ADA grab bars for extra stability and non-slip floors. Some models also feature essential oils that have proven to be effective for treating certain ailments and stress.


Using hydrotherapy can be beneficial for many people, especially for those with arthritis or aching muscles. While most tubs offer massage jets only at the lower back, some tubs feature jets at the bottom of the seat for your feet and legs. The type of whirlpool you choose will depend on your personal preference.


If you’re looking for a walk-in bathtub with air therapy, the Meditub has the system for you. Its air therapy system releases jets of air bubbles at three speeds, and comes with an internal heater. It also comes with an aromatherapy option so you can add essential oils to the water while you bathe.

Air Therapy

Meditub offers a unique air therapy system that is comparable to other air massage systems. The air jets in the Meditub work at three different speeds, and the air bubbles are heated internally for a comfortable bath. The company also offers an aromatherapy option that allows you to add essential oils to the water as you soak.

Dual Packages

The Meditub Dual Packages combine both air and hydro massage systems, providing the ultimate in convenience and comfort. They are available with a variety of different features to make them the perfect addition to any bathroom. Both of these systems are also compatible with the Meditub Aromatherapy feature.

Inward-swinging door

A Meditub is an inward-swinging door bath that is accessible for wheelchair users. These bathtubs are designed to maximize space, and many models come with low step thresholds and grab bars. Most also feature self-cleaning functionality and in-line water heating. These tubs also come with different door styles and options, so you can choose the type that best suits your needs.

ADA compliant

Meditub makes high-quality, economically priced walk-in bathtubs. They offer safety features that make bathing easier and safer for those with mobility challenges. They feature laser precision support points, high-grade marine fiberglass, low threshold entry, and built-in safety grab bars. Wheelchair-accessible tubs are also equipped with an extra-wide wheelchair door and textured flooring.


The Meditub is an elegant, front-entrance tub designed to maximize space. It can fit into a standard shower enclosure or even a mobile home. It’s made of durable acrylic and includes a grab bar. Its price can vary widely depending on the features you want.