Ellas Bubbles Review

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Ellas Bubbles

There are a few reasons to buy an Ellas Bubbles bubble bath. This bubble bath offers four types of jets instead of just one, two drains instead of one, and is backed by a lifetime warranty. There are also four different jet settings, which include hydrotherapy and chromatherapy.

Ella’s Bubbles offers four types of jets

The hydromassage jets at Ella’s Bubbles are a great way to relieve joint and muscle pain. The jets use high pressure to circulate warm water. They are adjustable and include an in-line water heater. Air massage jets are gentler and are a great choice for people who have sensitive joints or muscles.

Each jet is designed to produce a specific massage effect and can provide up to 80% more oxygen than tap water. The company also provides a variety of features, such as a foot massager. The company also offers discounts for military members, seniors, and veterans.

It has two drains instead of one

The Ellas Bubbles walk-in tub features dual drain technology, which allows it to drain the tub in just 80 seconds, allowing the bather to leave the tub sooner. While competitors quote drain times of two to three minutes, Ellas’ dual drains eliminate the need for a waiting period. This allows the bather to maximize the benefits of their bath by staying warm for longer.

Ellas Bubbles walk-in bathtubs come with floor mats that prevent the user from falling while exiting the tub. The tub is also finished with gelcoat, making it resistant to mold and easy to clean. It also offers an ergonomically pleasing feel.

It has chromatherapy and hydrotherapy

If you’re looking for a spa that offers chromatherapy and hydrotherapy, Ellas Bubbles is a good option. Their therapeutic options increase oxygen circulation throughout the body and help boost the immune system. Prices range from about $200 to more than $1,500, depending on the model.

Ella’s Bubbles tubs are rectangular-shaped and have tempered glass or stainless steel doors. The exterior walls are decorated with different patterns. You may also find a faucet and handheld shower included. Many retailers don’t sell Ella’s Bubbles tubs, but you can get them directly from the manufacturer.

It has a lifetime warranty

Ellas Bubbles hydrotherapy bathtubs are fully adjustable and come with a 3-speed, variable push control. The seats and floors are non-slip, and the hydrotherapy jets work your muscles and joints to create a soothing experience. The bathtubs also feature chromatherapy and advanced Infusion Microbubble therapy.

This warranty covers the frame and shell of your Ella’s Bubbles walk-in tub, as well as its door and seal. It also covers any supporting equipment and accessories, and comes with a lifetime of technical support. However, you must make sure that the tub is installed properly and that all parts are working properly before contacting Ella’s Bubbles.