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Boca Baths

Diamond Elite

The Diamond Elite series of walk-in tubs is manufactured in Boca Raton, Florida. These tubs are ADA compliant and have the lowest step-in threshold in the industry. They also feature a 17″ high, non-slip seat and floor. Another notable feature of the Diamond Elite line is that they are made without a steel frame, which helps make them more comfortable for anyone with varying levels of mobility.


The moderne Boca baths offer luxurious bathing options for those who desire a spa-like experience. The bathrooms have double vanities and separate showers with double-headed shower heads, ample mirrors, and enclosed water closets. The bathrooms also feature coordinated stone and quarts. The moderne Boca baths also feature a private swimming pool.


Boca Baths are manufactured in Woodstock, Georgia. They offer the fastest lead time from order to installation. Their tubs are available in seven different sizes. They recommend a tankless water heater for all of their tubs.

Ozone Water Purification System

Ozone Water Purification Systems are an excellent choice for home use. With this type of treatment, you’ll have clean, healthy water to use in your bath. The ozone helps to oxidize minerals such as iron and manganese in water and removes them from the water. Typically, the process takes about 30 minutes.


If you’re looking to improve the look and function of your bathroom, consider investing in a Boca bath. These bathtubs are built with self-cleaning systems to eliminate the risk of grime buildup and mold growth. They also come with front panels that you can remove for easy maintenance.


If you want a quality bathtub, Boca makes them in the United States. Their products are certified as USA-made and come with features like a lifetime warranty against leaks and a Marine Grade finish that resists bacterial growth. They also feature anti-slip surfaces, optional grab bars, and quick drains. Additionally, they are designed with a comfortable curve door that makes getting in and out of the tub a breeze.